The five easy (you’d think!) things you should do in any relationship, whether it be as a couple, between friends, family or colleagues. Oh what the hell, in any human interaction!

1. Listen. And talk. Preferably not simultaneously. But doing both is important.
Say what’s on your mind; even if we’d love that to be the reality, other people are not telepaths.
Listen what the other one has to say. No googling, eying the latest tweets or immersing yourself in Real Housewives of XYZ at the same time.


2. Understand
You don’t have to agree, or even condone, but understand where the other one if coming from. They have a reason for their thinking/doing/opinion, even if it’s not the same as you have, or even like.


3. Be open
You might accidentally learn something new! By being open to new people, ideas, viewpoints, visions, relationships and opinions will teach you about you more than you think. You’re not the know-it-all you think you are. Occasionally other people do have something to teach you.

images4. Give, don’t just take
Relationships are about reciprocity, giving and taking in equal measures. Don’t be a Negative or a VomitVal.
Give your attention and time willingly and you can (well, you should at least) get it for yourself as well. If not, then it’s not a reciprocal relationship and you should think of either saying something or dumping the person.

5. Enjoy
If you feel sad, exhausted, drained, tired or angry, the relationship is not working for you. You should enjoy the company of the other person, be energized, happy and renewed when you interact with them. Relationships are not supposed to be hard.



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