Living in Denial

Welcome to Denial – step in and enjoy yourself.

Living in Denial is pretty simple: This is the place where you come to get away from all the pressures you have in your life that you don’t want to think about, away from the bad information you know you’re going to get from your doctor and this is where you come to get away from the pain your treacherous ex caused you by taking your heart and then crushing it to gazillion pieces.

Remember, this particular city is meant for forgetting. Therefore it’s a combination of carnival, Las Vegas and eternal rave.

At Denial we pride ourselves with making it as easy as possible not to think. Because thinking is bad. It just leads to bad news, sadness, dealing with problems and all in all to all those things you definitely do not want to do.

I personally just love it – living in Denial. It’s the place where I can always go when things get too much, if there’s some bad news lurking on the horizon. I can immerse myself in the neon lighted buzz of everyone just concentrating on not thinking and turning away from the reality behind the city walls.

If you look the city closer, you’ll notice that neon lights flicker a bit and the paint is peeling off in places. But remember not to look too closely, again, it leads to thinking and that’s something that’ll get you kicked out of Denial before you can say “But!”

When living in Denial you can concentrate on not confronting any of the bad things in life. It’s designed for constant doing – since anything else will lead to thinking (which we all know now to be bad, tsk tsk).

So Denial has no nice scenic views, no movies, no plays, no books, no room for conversations, no meeting of people or minds. All those things can and probably will eventually lead to The Bad Thing and bam – you’re thrown out.

So the way you can and should busy yourself at Denial is just using all the distractions that require doing: you can play games, you can design stuff or build things. But nothing too monotonous, not something that would accidentally leave room for free thoughts. You’re here to do, not to think.

Denial is there for you in time of need, but you should be careful not to stay too long. Eventually you’ll notice the worn interiors, smeared makeup, burned light bulbs and the smell of desperation.

Of course, there are those who come for a visit and never leave. They have perfected the not thinking –thing and have grown roots under the city pavement. They will never face their realities and will eventually become honorary citizens of Denial. They will however welcome you to Denial and can help you to find the best distracting things to do there. If you choose to join their pack, that’s your choice.

The other choice is to decide to close the city gates behind you and tackle whatever bad is coming your way head-on. Not going to be easy, but maybe still more fruitful than applying for a permanent residence permit there.

Denial has a way of tempting you, it’s built that way for a purpose. All those lights, crowds and music, what’s not to like?

Well, like it as much as you want, but for your own sake I suggest you make it a tourist trip, not a permanent move.

Common denominator

For many some sort of failure in life is common. It might be failure in relationships, at work, with family, in losing weight, money issues or maybe inability to hold on to friends.

It is soooo easy to blame it on the circumstance: it wasn’t me. It was him/her/mother/father/sister/dog/boss/nature/nurture/traffic/duty/money.

Sure, yeah, many failures do happen to us, despite what we want or try to do. We might try and try and still fail. Or we might want something and do whatever it takes to get it, and still fail.

No use worrying?

Being a constant worrier, I find it a bit irritating when I hear and read everywhere that I shouldn’t do it, worry, since it won’t do me or anyone else any good.

But I mean, if I don’t worry, things will never happen and problems won’t be solved, right?
Since I’m such a huge player in the universe that if I don’t worry about this, that and their brother, things will fall apart and nothing, I repeat nothing, will happen the way I wish it to.
So worrying is making sure that things will turn out fine, as planned and when they’re supposed to.
But ahh, here’s the catch… they don’t necessarily (oh the horror!). So no use worrying?

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So please send in your question again – you haven’t received a response simply because I never got it!