If you could live your life again, would you? And if yes, what would you do differently?

And I mean you could live it with the memories you have from this life. So you would remember everything you already did and experienced and you could decide if you want to do everything the same way again.
Would you?

Let’s make some rules though not to make it too easy.
You’d get to live your life over and over again, and keep all the memories you accumulate.
Let’s say at the moment of your death (which could probably happen differently and at different times each time) you’d return to when you were 15 years.
This because before that age most of the decisions regarding you and your life choices would have been done by someone else.
So your new versions of life would start from there every time.

So, would you stay in school, study harder, longer or quit and go to work? Or lazy around at home enjoying life? Or maybe work and study at the same time? Since most things would be familiar to you from your earlier experiences, it’d be quite easy.

This time around would you even want to meet your first boy/girlfriend or would you just look for new exciting people?
Would you stay at home longer or start traveling as soon as it was possible? Would you stay in your home country or move somewhere else? Maybe a different country or culture each life?

Would you have a different career each time or stick with what you know and like?
Would you concentrate on gathering experiences or wealth? Or both? But remember, you can’t take anything with you when you start all over except memories and experiences.

For many people (especially women) a key question would be: would you still hook up with that loser no-good deadbeat guy simply because you had a child/children with him?

And let’s remember: your previous lives (and the experiences and the people in it) would not be erased or anything – they would still have existed. So if you had a daughter in this life, would you have her in all your consecutive lives as well, or would you have another child with someone else or no children at all?

Would you marry someone else, or not marry at all? Would you stop someone from doing a big mistake (in your opinion) by telling them not to marry/work/move/leave/have/give? Remember, your choices would affect other peoples’ lives as well.

Would you try to stop 9/11 attacks, Lennon’s shooting, River Phoenix’s overdose? Not saying that you necessarily could, but would you try? And remember, you would do it in that particular life, but then you’d be 15 again and the same events would be in front of you. So you could make a change to that particular life cycle only.

do over

I know, it’s like Groundhog Day all over again, except you would have a whole lifetime to do over again. And you wouldn’t be stuck in it – you would have the choice of doing things over and over again.

And yes, you would know the future for the duration of your life cycle, not longer. So you could play it safe and in your 5th lifetime bet on some things you know to be profitable in your previous lives. But you wouldn’t know anything about the future beyond your lifespan.

This also means that you’d live all the lives during the same time period – no jumping to the future. So if you were a teen in the 80’s, you’d still be a teen in the 80’s.

So maybe a bit too boring or stifling? Or exciting, interesting and funny?

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