In Finnish there’s a saying (”onni onnettomuudessa”) which roughly translates to ”luck(y) in an accident”.

For example if you’re on a plane and get a heart attack (bad thing, accident), there’s a cardiologist on board (as luck would have it) to help you and save you.

Or if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere (accident), you just charged your new phone and it even has a GPS-app to help you locate yourself (yay!).

It means even if something happens, in some cases there’s an element that makes the bad into slightly good.

Like if your kid taps into his/her inner Da Vinci and decorates the bedroom walls with crayons (accident) but HAH – the crayons are water soluble and not permanent markers (happyyy!).

I’m not sure if “happy accident” covers this whole concept or if the “every cloud has a silver lining” would be as close to it as can be.

“A blessing in disguise” is more than what the original sentence means – it includes the understanding that something good eventually will come out of the bad. And this is not always the case: if your kid did an Andy Warhol on the walls, you still have to clean the walls. (And punish that little punk!)

I wonder if other languages have this same thing – in one (compact) sentence?

Or is it just a Finnish thing to look at things this way? Maybe it’s all these long dark winters; you try to find something good in all the depressing things in life…


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One thought on “Happy accident

  1. Sarah Arrow

    Hell yeah, if my kids draw all over my walls then they will be scrubbing it off. There will be no happy accident for them 😀

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