A recent study suggest (or reveals as it seems to be the case) that if the wife’s happy, the whole marriage is happy.

I assume this doesn’t mean only marriages, also couples that live together, since these day and age many couples never bother getting married, but can still be together for ages.

Anyway, this seems interesting: keep your wife happy and your life is happier. Good advice.

A bit contradictory to an older study, where is was revealed that those marriages where women were “subservient” (for lack of a better term), were the happiest.
This study was done in the 90’s I think (can’t find a link), and I suppose it was done with white middle-aged heterosexual American couples.
The idea was that when the man is the head of the household and decides things, the couple is happier.
The only reason for this to be true, I suppose, would be that when the man thinks he’s in charge, he’s happier.. and therefore the couple is happier.

But now, times have changed and so is the thinking.. I assume.

Interesting would be to know how these findings apply to gay marriages/couples: if you have two men who need to be in charge or two women who should be happy..what’s the result?

happy wife

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