He said it best.
Though I would include also that don’t be trapped by fear, pride or shame.

What is holding you back from doing things?
What’s holding you back from following your heart – or even from listening to it?


Is it pride (fear of losing face), shame (“It would be frowned upon”) or fear (“I can’t, won’t, shan’t”)?

All feelings that eat up so much time and energy that we could use on much better things.
All that time spent on NO instead of WHY NOT? or SURE!

It could be that you don’t know how to listen to your heart or intuition – maybe you never have. You might not even recognize the voice even. Have you ever taken the time to stop for a moment and asked yourself (and listened to the answer!) what do you really want?

It might be worth your while to actually do that. So many don’t.
And so many go through life never asking themselves are they doing what they want or are they living the life they want to live.
Such a waste of a good life.

And if you get around to asking, listening and understanding yourself, the next step is of course the thing Jobs is also saying: courage.
Courage to face yourself, your needs and wants and courage to do something about it.
That can be more than many can handle.
Since that would require honesty to yourself: be honest about who you are, be honest about what you want and be willing and courageous enough to take that leap.

I wonder why is it so hard for so many people to actually listen to themselves.
Is it easier to just go on day by day without thinking?
Just doing without stopping to think if that is what you really want to do?
Or is it just that the thought hasn’t even occurred: am I living my life?

It’s understandable if you have never listened to yourself – not many do.
But it’s worse if you have and haven’t acted upon it because of others.

And this is where pride, fear or shame usually comes in.
“What will others think/say/feel if I say/do this?”
Well what does it matter what they say or feel? As long are you are not hurting anyone (physically), you have an obligation to yourself do do what feels right and what makes you happy.

Why is it that other peoples’ opinion is so much more important to you than your own?
What could they possibly know about you and you heart to make them experts on what you should or shouldn’t do?

Sure, there are many people who know what’s right for everybody else. Maybe because of religious, cultural or societal notions and views.
But that doesn’t mean you have to listen to them – especially when they are trying to hold you back from following your heart.

It is your life. Do you want someone else to dictate how it shapes up?

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One thought on “What’s holding YOU back?

  1. Samantha Pilling

    Wise words! I’m less influenced by others, but more by my inner-saboteur! That little voice inside which makes you doubt yourself, and expect to be found out as an imposter at any time!! It’s more that i have to tell myself to stop being doubtfully and grab life by the wotsits!!!

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