This week Hot Potatoe posts have tried to delve into responsibility,  conspiracies (just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get ya!), relationships and standing your ground – not forgetting some whining.

  • Someone Else
    The blame game has never been this easy: there’s always Someone Else that we can shift the responsibility to.
    Why bother with anything ever, since you can always lay it on Someone Else.
  •  Relationship Do’s and Don’t’s
    Relationships, and the problems in them, are the ones that occupy peoples’ mind most of the time.
    Why did he say so? How can I get her to love me? Where did we go wrong?
    Well, this blog post includes some of the dos’ and don’t’s you should pay attention to in your relationship.
  •  Save the daylight
    How tiresome to switch mentally to the winter/summer time! If only there was a way we didn’t need to do that… Waaaait! There is! Let’s not!
  •  The Conspiracy of Things
    There must be a niche of scientific research dedicated to finding out why the inanimate objects are waging war on us, innocent people. And if there’s not, there definitely should be!
  •  The difficulty of NO
    People are way too kind and accommodating sometimes, not recognizing their boundaries or rights and let people use them, instead of just saying no. Lets practice it together: N and O. NO. No. No! NO!
    There you go.
  •  Wish list for blogs
    Wouldn’t be great to read blogs that took us behind the scenes, where the writer exposed how things are done and really showed us what it’s all about. Anyone finding a blog like that you’re more than welcome to link it here!
  • What’s the worst that could happen?
    Fear controls so much what we do and don’t. If sometimes we’d just take an extra step and did something even if it’s a bit frightening – usually it won’t kill us.. So why not try it?blog


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Last Modified: April 9, 2015

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