After watching a few episodes of the TV-series “Last Tango in Halifax” (and remembering another very lovely “As Time Goes By” (Judi Dench!) which I loved) I started thinking.

Both series include a premise where a letter/message was lost (or not delivered) for some reason and the couple didn’t get their happy ending until years and years later.

I would assume that something like this can’t happen anymore in the 21st century. Simply because communication does not happen by letter anymore (or barely happens ever). No one (I assume again) would leave a crucial contact to a snail mail letter or a note on a piece of paper these days!

With all the possible electronic communication possibilities one would think there is no way a message would not get delivered at all.

Although, with all the FacebookTwitterEmailLinkedInWhatsAppSnapchatInstagramWhatnots it is of course possible to ignore someone and their attempts to communicate. But I’d say that’s not the same as a tragically lost letter or crucial message.

I wonder how often something like this has actually happened in real life or is this just stuff for movies, books and TV-series?

And, the more sad thought: if this has happened (often or at all) and it was never resolved, how many couples are not together because of some miscommunication or misplaced letter? And does the fact that they didn’t end up together mean they weren’t supposed to end up together?lost

This probably depends on if you believe in fate. Were they (our imaginary couple who didn’t cross paths due to some mishap) meant to be together and the fate twisted everything or was it just as things should be; their lives took very different paths.

The funnysad thing is that we’ll never know how many of these kind of things have actually occurred if any.

Well maybe someone who has ever sent a letter/note/something and never got an answer but also never followed up on it: please do! Check what happened and maybe, just maybe, something got lost in the mail or in the translation?

If not for your sake, do it for us: we need to hear what happened and if you’ll eventually find your long lost love and perhaps end up together? We, the bystanders, want a happy ending!

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2 thoughts on “Lost lette..chances

  1. Sarah Arrow

    Hi Hot Potatoe, when I was younger I sat next to a gorgeous blonde guy called Kevin at college. We fell in love and were inseperable. We got engaged, moved in together and then the mundanity of life hit us. We both worked 3 jobs to be together, we barely saw each other and family pressure made it all so very hard. And one day, I just got up and left.
    I didn’t talk about why, or how I felt I just went and put his heart through a mincer. However I never forgot him, and he never forgot me. Every time I saw a tall blonde from behind my heart skipped – was it him? And no, of course it never was. And then one day, out of the blue I got an email from him. He’d manage to track me down via college alumni and friends reunited. And we talked and talked and talked and even though we were miles from each other and 10 years had passed, the pull was to strong to resist. We got back together. When you are meant to be together, you are. Despite the miscommunications, the lack of talking. You hear of people finding each other after 50-60 years and reconnecting.

    I don’t see them as missed opportunities, I see them as space for you to grow into who you are meant to be, so that you can be with your soulmate, and when you are ready, they will find you, no matter how many years, name changes or home moves that happen.

  2. Hot Potatoe Post author

    Wow – so these things do happen 😯 Although no undelivered letter as the culprit, still, a distance and reunitement (is that a word??) 😆
    I agree, it’s not necessarily a missed opportunity, it’s just the way things were meant to go. Any earlier meeting – wouldn’t work. Any later meeting – wouldn’t work.

    (Hope you don’t mind me changing my name in your message 😎 !)

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