Networking is the hottest thing now. It probably always has been. Well, maybe always not the hottest, but something necessary. But with the new social media sites, apps and whatnots it’s even more “trending”.

Business-wise it is of course very important to network, if not crucial: if people don’t know you, who you are, how you are as a person, what you do – they won’t find you and therefore you won’t be able to reach them.
And you won’t be able to sell them your product/information/swampland in Florida/wisdom/naughty children.
And that’s bad for business, not being able to sell.

So the net is working in business life, but should it be cast equally wide when it comes to your private life?
Do you have to know everyone, be everywhere, do everything? With everyone?

Is the measure of your worth the amount of Facebook friends and/or the likes you get on you posts? Apparently it is, according to one study.

So if you or what you’re doing online (or what you tell others you are doing) is liked by your network, you must be doing fine, right?

Isn’t it also important to have real life friends and acquaintances that you socialize with, or could socialize with if you had the time weren’t you too busy spending all your time on virtual networks?

Of course it is important to actually stagger out of your cave once in a while, squint at that weird yellow thing in the sky (it’s called the sun kids) and meet someone face to face. It’s probably very healthy and something the doctor would order were it in her/his power.

But is the amount of people in your network more important than the level of commitment you have with them?

Is it about quantity and not quality?

Is a few good friends enough of a network for your private life or should it be enlarged just so that you could boast how well connected you are even in your personal life?

I’m not saying having many friends is a bad thing, not at all!
Many people are naturally very social and attract other people like butterflies since they are fun and rewarding to be around.

But networking and gathering “friends” for the sake of networking and gathering friends has something false embedded in itself – it’s not honest friendship, it’s more like gathering specimens to be put on display.
“Look everyone – I’m this popular, I’m this networked!”

Maybe it’s just easier to gather people, in real life as virtually, than actually spend any meaningful time with them, being yourself, being honest about who you are. That would mean they might see you for who you really are…

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Last Modified: April 9, 2015

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