Being a constant worrier, I find it a bit irritating when I hear and read everywhere that I shouldn’t do it, worry, since it won’t do me or anyone else any good.

But I mean, if I don’t worry, things will never happen and problems won’t be solved, right?
Since I’m such a huge player in the universe that if I don’t worry about this, that and their brother, things will fall apart and nothing, I repeat nothing, will happen the way I wish it to.
So worrying is making sure that things will turn out fine, as planned and when they’re supposed to.
But ahh, here’s the catch… they don’t necessarily (oh the horror!). So no use worrying?

Came across something a wise woman had said related to worrying that got me thinking:

Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere
― Erma Bombeck

But… You know… when I’m rocking in the chair so furiously that the friction sets the carpet on fire, I have the feeling that I’m in control. I mean that if I think about the issues that worry me a lot all the time, of course, eventually, something that I want and need to happen, has to happen, right? Right?!

What if I stopped rocking? What if I stopped worrying about things I have no control over?
I could of course use the AA-mantra, tweak it a little and change the things I can and not worry about the things I can’t… But then again, it’s really not that easy to do.

I have a nagging suspicion that old Erma was on to something here. Although I don’t agree with her 100% – I think some worrying is needed to get things done.

If no one ever worried about anything, we’d probably be living in an anarchy with no rules whatsoever! Where people would drink Pepsi, watch educational programs from 1960’s, wear clothes and hug strangers.
What kind of a society would we have then, eh?!

First I thought that maybe Erma was talking about right and wrong kind of worrying.
The right kind of worrying is useful: “Did she remember to pack her raincoat?”
The wrong kind of worrying would be useless: “What will happen with the huge nuclear arsenal humankind has?”

And then I noticed they’re pretty much the same. Duh. I mean, so she forgot the raincoat. So what? I can’t help her anyway, if it’s forgotten, it’s forgotten. She’s gonna get wet no matter how much I worry.

So I have to give it Erma.
There are no fifty or even two shades of worrying. There’s just worrying, and none of it is useful. Damn.

Does this mean I have to chop my rocking chair to small bits and burn them all while thinking happy happy thoughts and expecting things to go okay even when I’m not worrying about them? Riight…

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2 thoughts on “No use worrying?

  1. Irene Brankin

    Great Blog – I find that when I catch myself worrying (not always able to do that!) I have to remind myself that, if it’s a person I’m worrying about, they are adults and can take care of themselves. I also on occasions look to see what my worrying is stopping me from doing i.e. using that energy rather than depleting myself. Thank you x

    1. Hot Potatoe Post author

      Thanks Irene 🙂 I think in my case it’s a combination of worrying and the need to control. And that’s a self-feeding evil cycle 😀

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