I don’t know how to say this. I miss you so much.

We had such a great time, all those years.

Remember when I was always so tired from work?
Didn’t have the energy to do anything. No one called and asked how I was, but with you I could unwind and be myself. You were there for me.

I felt with you I didn’t need to put on a show, didn’t need to dress up, talk all the time or be entertaining.
I could just sit silently, enjoying the moment.

And all those moments we had!

On a rainy day, sitting on the couch, just being..

On a cold winters day no need to go out, when we could spend it together, just relaxing!

Spring days – oh those lovely spring days when the entire world brightens after a long dark winter and the possibilities are endless!

And summer – those lovely summer nights when it never get dark and we can just leave the door open and smell the warm grass, see the sun rays playing behind the trees..

What lovely times we had!

I took you with me to other peoples places as well – wanted to show you off. I was so proud of you. You were after all, a prime specimen 😉 Who wouldn’t want to rub that in their friends faces??

Then.. people started saying that we had outgrown each other. That time has passed us. I couldn’t believe it – age had nothing to do with a relationship like ours!

I mean, sure, you had gotten slower. I grant you that. But you were still faithful and there for me when I needed.

And then, one day, you couldn’t anymore. Your time had come.
It was so sad, saying the last goodbyes. But I know it was time, we had to part ways.


I’ll never forget you, my dear faithful VCR!


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