No questions forwarded


For some reason the Internet Gods have played dice with the contact form and it hasn’t sent forward any questions lately.

So please send in your question again – you haven’t received a response simply because I never got it!


Memory of a feeling

memory of a feeling

Let’s stereotype for a change!

Sure, we all know, women and men are different. Men are from Mars and women are from the nearest shopping mall or whatever. Men are rational and women emotional, I know.

Is s/he interested?

is she or he interested in me

One frequently asked question that I get comes from a need to know how to be sure if someone likes or doesn’t like. “Does s/he like me? Is s/he interested in me”?

Established truths

brithin women not jogging in public

Came across an article in our largest newspaper that had a very enticing title of “Brit women ashamed to run (because of) sweating” (translation mine).