Of us and them

Want to drive traffic to your blog?
Write about national characteristics!
At least if you’re Finnish and you can compare how we are/talk/do compared to other nationalities.

Political responsibility

When something goes wrong somewhere, someone is often to blame.

Let’s not include in this post the fact that inanimate objects screw with us just for the fun of it.
Like your laptop that waits until you have written the best text ever, but not saved it and THEN gives you the Blue Screen of Death.

Let’s muddle minds

Came across this funny exercise in mind-boggling Finnish-English differences. This was in a Finnish blog (Ei oo totta!) by Katleena Kortesuo. I have blogged about another example once, but some more won’t hurt. And if it does, more’s the pity. You’ll survive.

And they say Finnish is difficult.. bah..


Grieving is about me

We all encounter loss. We lose friends (as in friendships end), we lose dear pets (as we have to do the final favor and send them on to the Rainbow Bridge), we lose jobs or lose loved ones to the Grim Reaper.