For my generation the Big Question wasn’t “where were you when Kennedy was assassinated?” (not even born yet) nor was it “where were you when we landed on the Moon?” (too young to know the difference between the Moon and a light bulb).

No, for us it was “where were you when the Twin Towers collapsed?”.

5 Relationship Musts

The five easy (you’d think!) things you should do in any relationship, whether it be as a couple, between friends, family or colleagues. Oh what the hell, in any human interaction!


VomitVal (VV for short) is a distant (or maybe not so distant after all?) cousin to Negative.

VomitVal is the person who for some reason thinks s/he can vomit all his/her problems, bad feelings, negative thoughts, feelings of injustice and aggressions all over you. And whenever it suits them. And you’re supposed to take it – of course, that’s what you’re for.