Secret Santa

Sure, X-mas is coming, but this is not about the fat old bearded dude in red who lives in… remember it: in FINLAND, NOT on the North Pole. That’s just the Americans trying to steal the guy for their Coca Cola commercials.
So, no, we’re not talking about that Santa here. The one that lives in FINLAND.

Negativity sucks

…all the oxygen out in its vicinity.

So how to be around, or <gasp> to be in a relationship with a negative person (a Negative from this point onwards)?

Trust me

.. I know what I’m doing.
My favorite line from the ancient TV-show Sledge Hammer. Yeah, back in the 80¨s, just after the dinosaurs had died out.

People usually did trust him and in the end.. well, he saved the day. Sort of. Or probably his sidekick Dori Doreau was the one who actually saved the day.

There’s no arguing about tastes

The saying actually goes “There’s no arguing about tastes or colors”, but the saying people are probably more familiar with is “There’s no accounting for taste”.

But since in many languages there’s an element of argument in this particular kind of saying, I’ll use that one.

Since I find that saying completely and utterly false: There’s nothing BUT arguing about taste!