Yesterday I decided to start saying YES to everything. Sorta.
Well, not everything. But sort of everything.

And no, I haven’t’ been watching any movies or TV-series about this particular weird attitude, nor have I read any self-help-psycho-babble-I’m-gonna-be-happy-happy-joy-joy –books.

The decision just came to me, just like that – I’ll start to say YES to things instead of NO.

The thing is, I usually say NO to everything. Not because I don’t like the idea/thing/suggestion/whatever that is presented to me, but because of my uncanny ability to see the whole picture and also see the end result immediately.

I’m like The Machine (who seems to have “her” own Wikipage?!) in Person of Interest: remember the one episode (don’t worry, no spoilers for the late-comers!) where “she” calculates over and over the different outcomes of a particularly hairy situation in a blink of an eye? Well, I sort of do that with my NO: when someone asks me something or suggests X, I take all about 0,68 seconds to contemplate the whole thing and usually see that what’s at the other end requires a NO from me.

To make it more interesting, I usually actually end up in a YES even if I start with a NO: when presented with a question, I start with a NO, then I start to go through the process of what’s going to happen and I do this out loud. So from NO I move on to a MAYBE and then eventually to a YES. This also means that people think I’m indecisive, weird or just plain stupid for changing my opinion. Nope, sorry to disappoint you – I’m just going through my 0,68 seconds evaluation process, but since my mouth is slightly slower than the brain, it takes a while to end up in the potential YES.

So, yesterday I decided to skip the 0,68 seconds and just try to say yes to everything. And in this case I don’t mean everything, so no use trying to get me to jump off of a cliff, tease a bear, smuggle drugs or eat moss.
Everything is this case means work or personal life suggestions, requests and ideas.

Originally I decided to start it today, June 1st (since, you know, we people like to start things on a Monday or at the beginning of the month – and lo and behold, today IS Monday AND beginning of the month!) but yesterday a friend actually asked me for a favor – and my first response was “Sure, when?”. It worked!

Did it kill me? No. Did it make me do something I didn’t want to? No.
I actually ended up meeting someone I haven’t’ seen in a while and to top it all off, some chocolate. Can’t complain, I mean, after all, chocolate!

This is not a project so there’s no time limit. I just think I should give it a go. I don’t’ expect to become enlightened, wise, and jovial or learn the meaning of life (which we all know is 42) – let’s keep it real after all.

Maybe I’ll end up with something new, exiting, funny and unexpected. Could also be that I end up broke, unhappy, frustrated and angry.

This is going to be interesting! (Hope I won’t end up in jail or working for The Man).

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2 thoughts on “Saying YES to everything! Sorta.

  1. Jay Blake

    Great idea, and sounds like something I would love to give a go to. So how about this for a stab in the dark – There must be a way we could colaborate…
    Truely I don’t know how yet but I’m open to exploring ideas…

    1. Hot Potatoe Post author

      *grumbles quietly* Nn……Sure! Hell yeah! Why not?!
      Phew. This is difficult! 😀

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