Sure, X-mas is coming, but this is not about the fat old bearded dude in red who lives in… remember it: in FINLAND, NOT on the North Pole. That’s just the Americans trying to steal the guy for their Coca Cola commercials.
So, no, we’re not talking about that Santa here. The one that lives in FINLAND.

Those of us having been to (international) trainings or seminars may be familiar with the term “Secret Santa”. It’s part of the “getting to know each other” games used on those things.

It’s pretty simple: everyone gets a name of a participant whose Secret Santa they are. It’s confidential of course and only you know whose Santa you are. And you will usually never know who your Secret Santa is.

What does the Secret Santa do then? Well – it ranges from complimenting someone to maybe buying them a small gift, helping them with something or bringing them a flower. Depends completely on where you are (I mean where the training takes place) and what your options/possibilities/limitations are.santa

For example in one training my Santa deed was to give a compliment to a girl about a really lovely leather jacket she had. One day after a break when I came back to my seat there was a little chocolate praline waiting for me. I never found out who my Secret Santa was, but it was fun trying to suss it out: Is someone looking at me right now.. Hey did s/he just wink at me..?

Maybe the Secret Santa could be transferred from the trainings and seminars into our everyday life?

What if we all did some Secret Santa stuff on a daily basis? Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything big or time consuming. You could say something nice to a neighbor, buy a colleague a nice post card, help someone carry their stuff, compliment your mother in-law on her hair.. oh yeah, let’s not get carried away completely. Have to keep it real somehow..

But seriously, a little kindness probably won’t kill you. Or being nice, attentive or helpful. And the best part is: for no glory or material benefit to yourself! You will get the satisfaction of brightening up someones’ day without needing to endure awkward gratefulness or thank yous’. How great is that?!

So, why not try it out – be a Secret Santa to someone today?!

AND spread the word – anyone can be a Secret Santa if they choose to.

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2 thoughts on “Secret Santa

  1. Robyn

    Oh my darling, American’s didn’t steal Santa, he came willingly! How could he pass up a Coca Cola campaign!? 😆
    I LOVE the Secret Santa concept! We do something similar in the school district I work in. We call it Mystery Viking (as our school mascot is a viking). I always try to participate because it is so much fun to see someone’s face light up! I had not thought of taking it beyond that, but you have given me some food for thought!

    Well said my friend,

  2. Hot Potatoe Post author

    I’m pretty sure there’s a silently-screaming-fist-pounding Santa locked up in the North Pole somewhere. You can’t keep him forever! We shall have our vengeance! 😈

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