Isn’t it great when we have Someone Else to do everything, to blame for everything? To shift responsibility to? Wouldn’t it be terrible if we didn’t have that!From an early age we learn to put everything on Someone Else. “It wasn’t me, it was Someone Else!”

Later we learn to let Someone take care of things: “Why would I pick that up/clean that mess/call the police/help that person – Someone Else can do it”.

And we are so convinced that Someone will.

Sometimes Someone will.

Sometimes no one does.

And when we’re asked (or in some rare occasion we actually think about it ourselves) why we let things happen and didn’t do anything, say anything, get involved somehow, in any way, we have our defense: “I thought Someone Else would do it!”

This implies also slight anger at Someone: why didn’t Someone step up and do something?!

Poor Someone. Always in charge of everything, always the one to be blamed, always the one who should fix things.

This is of course due to the fact that Someone can’t go on the defensive, deny accusations or decline responsibility. If it’s put on Someone, that’s where it stays.

Sometimes, luckily, Someone is credited for positive things. Someone does something without reason, without expecting to be rewarded.

Maybe Someone would be the one responsible for the good things in the world if just let it happen?

Or maybe, just maybe, if one day YOU would take over for Someone and do something?


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One thought on “Someone Else

  1. Gershon

    Nice essay. It’s better to give someone a name, like “It’s Obama’s fault,” as if people really want Obama to be a dictator and meddle in the zillions of things he doesn’t understand or have time for.

    “You should” is a close relative to someone. Sometimes my answer to that is, “Who said I should?” The answer is usually “Everyone!” I respond, “No one I know does it that way!”

    There is a “Who’s on First” comedy skit here someplace.

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