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Common denominator

For many some sort of failure in life is common. It might be failure in relationships, at work, with family, in losing weight, money issues or maybe inability to hold on to friends.

It is soooo easy to blame it on the circumstance: it wasn’t me. It was him/her/mother/father/sister/dog/boss/nature/nurture/traffic/duty/money.

Sure, yeah, many failures do happen to us, despite what we want or try to do. We might try and try and still fail. Or we might want something and do whatever it takes to get it, and still fail.

Do over

If you could live your life again, would you? And if yes, what would you do differently?

And I mean you could live it with the memories you have from this life. So you would remember everything you already did and experienced and you could decide if you want to do everything the same way again.
Would you?