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Happy, therefore healthy

I remember reading a few years ago about a study that claimed that people in a happy, fulfilling relationship are also healthier. Well, the article claims that married couples would be happier and healthier, but I’d assume the same goes for couples that are together for a longer time even if they’re not married. Since many people in this day and age are in a very long term committed relationship even if they never make it official.

Well, who am I to argue with science?

Secret Santa

Sure, X-mas is coming, but this is not about the fat old bearded dude in red who lives in… remember it: in FINLAND, NOT on the North Pole. That’s just the Americans trying to steal the guy for their Coca Cola commercials.
So, no, we’re not talking about that Santa here. The one that lives in FINLAND.

Happy wife, happy marriage

A recent study suggest (or reveals as it seems to be the case) that if the wife’s happy, the whole marriage is happy.

I assume this doesn’t mean only marriages, also couples that live together, since these day and age many couples never bother getting married, but can still be together for ages.

Anyway, this seems interesting: keep your wife happy and your life is happier. Good advice.