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Do over

If you could live your life again, would you? And if yes, what would you do differently?

And I mean you could live it with the memories you have from this life. So you would remember everything you already did and experienced and you could decide if you want to do everything the same way again.
Would you?

Things about work

How important is work and the way you feel about it?
Can and should one make changes if it doesn’t feel “right”?
Should you be happy at work?

Who wants to live forever?

Well, I probably wouldn’t mind it. With some strings attached of course.

Came across this article about people with lifespans of hundreds of years and started to think: would I want to live long, maybe forever..?
But of course not aging – that can’t happen. who would want to live forever as a crumpled arthritic feeble unable-to-move-package for millennia, never mind an eternity??