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Memory of a feeling

memory of a feeling

Let’s stereotype for a change!

Sure, we all know, women and men are different. Men are from Mars and women are from the nearest shopping mall or whatever. Men are rational and women emotional, I know.

Established truths

brithin women not jogging in public

Came across an article in our largest newspaper that had a very enticing title of “Brit women ashamed to run (because of) sweating” (translation mine).

Happy, therefore healthy

I remember reading a few years ago about a study that claimed that people in a happy, fulfilling relationship are also healthier. Well, the article claims that married couples would be happier and healthier, but I’d assume the same goes for couples that are together for a longer time even if they’re not married. Since many people in this day and age are in a very long term committed relationship even if they never make it official.

Well, who am I to argue with science?