The saying actually goes “There’s no arguing about tastes or colors”, but the saying people are probably more familiar with is “There’s no accounting for taste”.

But since in many languages there’s an element of argument in this particular kind of saying, I’ll use that one.

Since I find that saying completely and utterly false: There’s nothing BUT arguing about taste!

Like if I like The Walking Dead and you don’t: I’s smart and you’re stupid. Since it’s a well-written and acted show that hooks you and makes you feel for the characters. (Who cares it’s about zombies.. The lead character is hot and the zombies die awesomely!)

And if you say you like reality shows, which I don’t, again, I’m smart and you’re stupid. Who can possibly like shows where people just eat/say/do something inexplicably stupid and that’s the whole idea?

Apparently people who have nothing better to do with their lives than watch someone trying to find a husband/stab a fellow socialite in the back/run over an obstacle course carrying a rhino while shooting for a balloon?

Okay, the last one’s not a show that I know of. Yet. But wouldn’t be surprised if it tastewas any day now.

As for taste, there’s nothing better to do than really argue about it: Mine is the best and yours is crap.

Let’s say you are interested in fashion and I’m not. Well, you should know this by know; I’m smart and you’re stupid!

How can you be interested in something as superficial as fashion when there’s so many more important things in the work that you should concern yourself with?

Like chocolate. How can anyone not like chocolate? Or fresh berries? Or reading a good book? Or Game of Thrones? Or a fresh cup of tea?

Yeah, tea, not coffee, which is bad. Disliking it. Don’t drink it. Ever.
And if you like it.. well.. sure, you’re stupid!

See, we’re on a trail of something here..

Riiight: I’m right, and you’re wrong, whatever it is. Plus you’re stupid.

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