How important is work and the way you feel about it?
Can and should one make changes if it doesn’t feel “right”?
Should you be happy at work?
Work is the thing or the place which takes usually a minimum on 8 hours of our day. As it’s said, you spend more time there than with your family. If you’re lucky, you feel energetic and charged even after a hard day at work.

But what if it’s not that special, your work?

Should you stay at a job that is “okay” simply because of the money and security?
In this day and age having a (good) job is in no way a given. So if you have it, but you’re not 100% happy about it, should you throw all caution to the wind and leave and look for something that you’d really like to do?
(Well maybe first look and then leave.. makes more sense..)

What is most important: security that comes with a steady paycheck or that you feel content with your (work)life?
In ideal situation you can have both, but for arguments sake let’s say that you’d have to choose.

Not to downplay the importance of money (you do need food to eat and a roof over your head), but isn’t it also important to feel good about yourself and your life? Isnt’ it important to feel that the 8 hours you give to work is fulfilling and rewarding in more ways than one?

If the work doesn’t give you anything, you know it by heart and there’s no room for change or improvisation, should you think about changing your situation?

Are these thoughts only possible and allowed to educated white-collar workers, who have the luxury of thinking about what they do and might have the possibility to make changes?

indexIs this a #firstworldproblem?

Since many do not have a job at all. Or have the only job that they can get, and it pays what it pays. There’s no possibility to question the meaning of the workday or tasks. You go to work, do your thing and come home.
But then again, is dreaming of better days reserved only for those who already have it good?

If you have no education, no money to re-educate yourself, no one will hire you with your (lacking) qualifications, should you still use your energy to think about better opportunities or just give in and give up and take what you have?
How much realism can be a true obstacle to actually changing jobs?

Realism isn’t the same as the truth, but still – if it’s not possible, is it possible?

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