Want to drive traffic to your blog?
Write about national characteristics!
At least if you’re Finnish and you can compare how we are/talk/do compared to other nationalities.

This is what I noticed after the Let’s muddle minds –post that draw huge hits to the site. More of those then!

I’m not sure though how large audiences these kind of posts would draw in other countries.
According to Google Analytics most hits to the site came from Finland.

We just seem to love these things. Or we love things that are a combination of funny, apologetic, sarcastic and informative – and about us.

We do have a preoccupation with how other people perceive us (and if they maybe like us)?
The old joke about elephants opens the issue to foreigners (this joke is in several collections or books, this particular version is from BookBrowse).

elephant joke finlandWe, the Finns (and yeah, I’m generalizing with a very wide brush) seem to use a lot of time to think about what is written/said/thought about us.

One example was an article about Nordic countries “Dark lands: the grim truth behind the ‘Scandinavian miracle” from January 2014.

The article described the different Nordic countries sometimes with very sharp accuracy.

“If you do decide to move there, don’t expect scintillating conversation. Finland’s is a reactive, listening culture, burdened by taboos too many to mention (civil war, second world war and cold war-related, mostly). They’re not big on chat. Look up the word “reticent” in the dictionary and you won’t find a picture of an awkward Finn standing in a corner looking at his shoelaces, but you should.
“We would always prefer to be alone,” a Finnish woman once admitted to me. She worked for the tourist board.

The fun started after the article – the way different countries reacted to it.

It was interesting to observe the different reactions to my piece. The Finns were pretty cool; the Swedes, pedantic but resigned; the Danes did get a little fighty; the Icelanders were irritated not to have been given more attention; but the Norwegians, boy, they were not happy.

Hell, why would we get upset when someone tells what we’re like?!
We know the article isn’t everything, not the whole picture nor the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

So we can approach it with some humor and reality.

How do you tell the difference between a Finnish introvert and a Finnish extrovert? One looks at his own feet when he’s talking to you, the other will look at yours. Alexander Stubb (Then minister for European affairs and foreign trade, now the Prime Minister)

But we love when we’re talked about. It’s not like we get loads of attention in the media on a daily basis.

Oh, but wait, we did get some attention to the Baby Box when BBC ran a story about it  and then we sent one to Prince George after he was born.

So, what do YOU think about us? I’d really like to know…

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