Are you joking?

Question: “Hello. Is this for real or are you telling the future as a joke? Are you making fun of people?
I hope not, because I have a serious question. Will the guy I’ve met be the man I’ll spend the rest of my life with? I met him about three months ago and since then things have been moving fast. I’ve divorced my husband and bought him out of the house to be able to start my life again. The guy I’ve met is NOT the reason for the divorce, but thanks to him I’ve had the strength to do it. I really want him as part of my life. Does he want to be a part of my life? Jodie”

Hot Potatoe: Hello Jodie. I’m not joking, but I’m not telling the future either. I only give advice, advice that are based on my insignificant knowledge and perceptions of life and people spiced with a little humor if possible.

And although I do not know what will happen in life (since I’m not a psychic nor a fortune teller) I’d say that since the guy is not the reason for the divorce, you two have a chance to make it.

Why don’t you ask him how he feels? Sometimes an outside person is needed to rip yourself away from the past but this does not mean this person is the one you find yourself with a few years later. You are both adults (?) so why waste time pretending and guessing?

But as said, life has a way of surprising us in many ways. Good luck – you’ve already taken one big step!

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