Buying my own place

Question: “I’m a high-flying thirty-something. I spend all I can earn, got great clothes and stuff and I live in a great apartment. Until today. I got evicted today – the apartment will be sold. My colleague says: “buy your own”. But I feel a bit anxious – I had always thought that I’d buy my own place with my Prince Charming. But I still don’t have a Prince and soon I won’t have an apartment either!”

Hot Potatoe: Sorry about the eviction. But maybe you should look at it as an (good?) omen. Now you have to make some decisions about your future life.

You can bunk with your friends and look for a new place to rent or you can think about buying your own place. If you can find a place to rent you can postpone the thought of buying your own place to the far future and think about it then – if even then.

Owning your own place has its good and bad points. One of the biggest concerns about buying an apartment might be the financing of the buy. But in your case that does not seem to be a large obstacle. You just might not want to commit to owning a place (maybe you want to keep on flying high..?) or you may have assumed that buying your own place means that your life should have followed a certain path by now…

Buying your own place with Prince Charming seems to be something many aim at. But why? If you buy your own place now, you will own it no matter what happens in a relationships. If your Prince turns to a frog, you can always ditch the guy and enjoy your own home sipping a drink on your own couch. And now you can also buy your place acoording to your own desires!

Don’t bind your future happiness to a possible Prince – bind it to yourself and what you do!

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