Question: “how to attain fearlessness? Rio”

Hot Potatoe: Very interesting question, thank you!

Fearlessness can be something one really wants to attain, but in moderation (just like everything in life). Because if you have no fear of anything ever, that can lead to completely irresponsible and dangerous behavior. So, some fear is healthy to have.
But, to be more open to life, its opportunities and possibilities is an excellent thing – and that requires fearlessness.
And how to attain it? Well, a good beginning could be that when there is something you’d like to do or try, first consider will it hurt you or someone else if you do it. If not, then try to think why NOT do it – what would be the harm in doing it? If none, why not try it?

Fear often comes from the fact that the outcome is unknown and therefore it creates doubt and fear. “Might get hurt”. “Might embarrass myself”. The danger of getting hurt is of course something one should take seriously, especially if there is danger of physical damage. But emotional damage – that is something we all come across, and should it stop you from doing things? To live is to learn. And to live is to face things that feel fearsome sometimes. For many, the main obstacle in living life to the max (no, this is not a Pepsi max -advertisement :-D) is fear. And think how many things you miss out on if you simply leave things untried or undone because you’re afraid?! Many fear the loss of face, embarrassment if they do something. And those people also miss out on much.

In conclusion: fearlessness is an ability like many other things, and you can learn to be more fearless by training. Start with small things, things that have no deeper or stronger impact and build it from there. Maybe start by saying hello to a stranger (that won’t kill you), next step is maybe to ask the girl/boy out you’ve admired from the distance. Then maybe finally do the bungee-jump you’ve always dreamed of! And before you know it, you’re not afraid anymore!

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