Quiz and answers

Question: “Hi, I got a problem to produce a multiple Choice-Quiz with feedbacks that make sense and give orientation for the user, if he is on the right way to the correct answer. Is there a chance to mark the already right options? Is there a possibility to limit the tries?”

Hot Potatoe: Why do you want to lead the person answering towards a “right” answer? Is the answer “right” because you have decided that is the right answer or is it right since you’re making a quiz where there are only certain right answers?

Depending on what you want to achieve with your questionnaire of course, but if you’re interested in opinions, why assume there are certain right answers the person answering should aim at /achieve?

If it’s a test, where you want to test the person(s), why help them with guidance at all – what does it actually tell you? How correct are the answers you will get if the questionnaire is easing the path to the “right” answer?

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