Tears everywhere!

Question: I cry too easily. My tears just rolls down when I’m happy, sad, worried, angry, ashamed, confused in front of anyone n everyone at anywhere n everywhere. Marthia

Hot Potatoe: And? The problem is..? That you’re ashamed of being “too sensitive”? Many people are like that, emotional, over good and bad things. Depending on people around you, your tears can be seen as a girly thing, a weakness, as nothing, as that you can’t “handle things” or that you take thing too seriously. In many situations you might not want to cry, since you feel that it might make you look weak (e.g. while arguing). But you know what: trying to hold back tears makes it worse. Always. It consumes energy and distracts you from what you’re actually trying to do. It’s easier to let the tears run and keep on talking/laughing/arguing/whatever.

Maybe instead of viewing it as a problem, you should turn the whole thing around and be proud: “Oh, gee. Tears again. Well, this is me, take it or leave it”.

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