Arrogant guy

Question: “this guy keeps throwing me under the bust and acts as if i’m being a diva (i’m not) and he’s done this multiple times. he’s really sweet around me and my friends but around certain people, he changes.  when i tell him he gets ultra defensive and says i’m not a good friend. what do i do? Hayley”

Hot Potatoe:  Hmm.. sounds the classic syndrome of “I like you therefore I will definitely NOT show it” 😉

He seems to like you, but doesn’t have the self-confidence to show it in every possible company. When he’s around you and people he trusts to not laugh at him for liking you, he’s relaxed and shows his true colours. When some certain friends are around, he needs to put on an act, for some reason. That’s one silly things guys sometimes do..

It’s good that you have mentioned this already to him, too bad he gets too defensive.. Which probably means he knows how he’s acting and why, but can’t help it.

You can either choose to accept his illogical behaviour (meaning don’t care if he treats you badly in some company and okay in others) or not. If you do not accept it, and why should you, next time you’re alone or in a “good company” and he’s acting nicely, tell him that if he keeps treating you badly in front of certain friends, you don’t want to be around him anymore. If he likes you, he should be able to treat you with respect in whoever is around. And accusing you of not being a good friend – well that’s just a defence on his part.

Just remember that you yourself have to act towards him the same in all situations, otherwise you can’t confront him of his behaviour.. that’d be hypocritical 😉

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