Ask out for a date

Question: “I realy like this guy but I don’t know if he likes me. He always comes around me in class. Should I ask him out? Amanda”

Hot Potatoe: Why not ask him out? Then you will find out for real if he likes you. And please don’t think a girl can’t ask a boy out, of course you can! And equally, of course he has the right to say no.. although if he’s been hanging around you in class, he might be happy you make the first step. Just make sure you do the asking when there aren’t your or his friends around – either of you might screw it up (accidentally or because you’re embarrassed) by playacting in front of your friends. So send an SMS or e-mail him or ask him when there’s no one around – and if he says no, that’s his right (and loss). And if he says yes, go out and enjoy yourselves!

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