Confusing girlfriend?

Question: i love a girl lot, nammed shinjita. she also loves me a lot. but she never admits that. she usually calls me daily on every matter, to make a chat in all matter related to family, friends, emotions, sex etc etc. but she always in a bit confusing mental state. recently she starts to build a relationship with another boy. so i wanted to split. but never agrees to that. i’m really confused now. what to do? shall i leave her? or to remain in her life? i love her a lot. but though it hurts me more. advice. ” sourav nandi

Hot Potatoe: Hmm.. the fact that she is in contact with you every day to talk about all kinds of things could mean she is interested in you. On the other hand it could mean that she sees you as a friend, as a brother, with whom she can talk all kinds of stuff.

How do you know she loves you a lot if she has never admitted it? If she has actually told you she loves you, then that should be taken as a confirmation of her feelings for you. But if you think she loves you, but she hasn’t really said it, then it’s another matter completely.

Her “building a relationship with another boy”.. what does this mean? If she talks to him on the phone, that’s not yet a relationship, that could just be entertainment. If she meets him often and spends time with him, then that could mean building a relationship.

The best and only way for you is to ask her. What does she want? What does she mean by wanting to have you and this another boy in her life? Is she playing with both of you, are you just entertainment to her? Or is she using this other boy to make you jealous? Or is she into him, but doesn’t have the courage to tell you to get lost?

Try to get some answers from her and after that you have a decision to make. What do you want? Do you want to be with her, regardless? Are you willing to wait for her, or should she make up her mind now? What kind of a relationship do you want to have?

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