Confusing guy-friend?

Question: I have a friend who is a guy… we are know each otherĀ  for nearly for 6 yrs now… this guy says that he likes me a lot… shares nearly every feeling of his… but i feel sometimes he tries to avoid me… I just want to know is my feeling right? or am I being overpossessive? Does he really like me? Alisha

Hot Potatoe: Since I’m neither psychic nor fortune teller, I can’t know. But I can say this: you have known each other for six years and you talk about many serious things with each other. That means that you two should be able to define your relationship honestly. Six years is a long time – in that time you can learn to know each other very well.
And it also means after all that time, you should be able to ask each other whatever you have to. He might like you a lot, but maybe just as a friend, a close friend. Or he could really like you as a possible partner, but wants to take it slow for some reason. The only way for you to really know is to talk to him about it. You have the right to ask, and he has the right of course to decline to answer – but that’s some kind of answer as well..

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