Confusing relationship part 3

Question: Okay, I read your response, and yes, I will do those things and I agree.. I just have to add something he said to me: he told me that deep down, yes, he does love me. but he loves the other girl also. Does this change anything? Krissy

Hot Potatoe: No. You want it to change something, anything, everything. But you know the old saying: talk is cheap… It’s what he does, counts, not what he says.

If he wanted you, wanted to be with you, you two would be together, it’s that simple. He’s not with you, therefore he doesn’t want you (enough).
Of course he can love you, why not.. I mean, love is a good feeling to spread around. But love you as in “oh I can’t live without you, want to have you with me for all eternity, forsaking all others, marry me, will die without you” -way? Nah.

He may feel affection for you. He may appreciate you. He may like you. He may love you in a way. But to be with you? Doesn’t seem to want to.  And that’s what it’s all about: want. He. Does. Not. Want. To. Be. With. You.

He wants to have sex every now and then, but relationship? Fuggedaboudit.

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