Question: i um…its been four months since i moved in this new school and before i went there i never was interested in any cute guys, i didn’t care about them till i came to LG that is…his name is A and i kept on hiding the fact that i like him a lot and my heart is in a hard decision making process, wait till he finds some one and then seas to be his friend, or tell him and hope that maybe he wont laugh and he likes me back, there’s been some signs tell me if they link to him liking me!? he stares at me a lot and sits by me at every opportunity, constantly making me laugh with his awesome sense of humor, rarely apologetic of how i feel, a little protective, but that just might be a bff for you please help me decide it would mean the world to me, yes or no.?

Hot Potatoe: (just to underline the fact that I think that of course the entire globe reads these pages, I don’t want to use any real names, so let’s just use initials to protect the privacy of everyone..)
Dear AB; the fact that he does seek you out, sits with you and talks to you means you are not indifferent to him nor does he find you uninteresting. The crucial question of course is: does he like you as a friend or something more?
The fact that he wants to make you laugh (which we now suppose, but do not know for sure..;-) could indicate that he is interested in you. Protective? Good – as long as it’s not in an older-brother-protecting-sister – kind of way.
I know it seems quite an impossible thing to think, but maybe you could ask him how he thinks of you…? As it seems from your description of him, I don’t think he’d laugh at you even if he would see you as a friend, nothing more. If he sees you just as a friend and you’d tell him you think of him something more than that, it’d probably be awkward, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t laugh.
Do you want to just sit idle and let him possibly slip through your fingers? If that thought makes you feel really uncomfortable, then you have to do something about it.
Signs seem to indicate he might like you, but the only way to be sure is to ask. It won’t kill you. It might sting a bit, maybe hurt, but it’s equally likely that he’ll also like you the same way you like him.

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