How to get this girl?

Question: “This girl is like my best friend, but I Wanna be more than friends and she knows that, but says she can’t love me the same way I want her to, how can I get her to fall for me? Any help is much appreciated”

Hot Potatoe: The problem is that you can’t force someone to love – not in the way you would want to. And would you even want to be with someone who doesn’t actually love you?
But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to help fate a bit and at least make an effort to make her fall for you.

The good thing is that you’re friends already – build on that! If you are friends and have talked a lot, you probably know about her likes and dislikes, what she likes to do and what kind of things she appreciates. You might know what kind of mate would attract her: romantic, funny, serious or business-like?

Build on the facts that she has told you: if she has revealed that she’d appreciates romantic gestures, try those. Or if she has expressed a wish to go skydiving someday, surprise her with an adventure to do just that!

However, be prepared also for a possible disappointment: if she just isn’t that into you, you may not be able to change her feelings no matter what. She may just not see you “that way” – ever. Your possible love declarations and gestures might even create some uncomfortable moments for you two.

So before you start wooing her, think twice: if she’ll never be interested in you that way, are you willing to sacrifice your friendship if that’s what’ll happen?

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