In love with a colleague

Question: “I’m in love with my co-worker. This person is taken and a dangerous choice in any case. Should I switch my job or the direction of my emotions? P. Rinter”

Hot Potatoe: Hmm. Having a crush is not dangerous in itself. You have some choices:

a) you want this person and you don’t care about the costs
b) you dump him/her because of the danger-aspect
c) since it’s obviously just a crush and will pass, you do nothing and just enjoy the feeling
d) you switch jobs

a) If you choose this person “at any cost” you might lose your job, your friends, family, the pet canary and the car. And get in return the Woman/Man of Your Life… or a real loser..
b) The danger-aspcet need further defining. Danger is an aphrodisiac often.. Who is the person dangerous to? You? The work place?
c) You enjoy the feeling of butterflies in your stomach and dreams of you two together – it won’t last anyway, so enjoy!
d) Bad idea. Why leave a good (?) job because of someone else. And besides, if you choose option a, you will have to switch jobs anyway..

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