Life or love?

Question: OK so I really like this guy and we dated before but well I love him but he does not beleive me what do I do? ravegirlXXX

Hot Potatoe: Have you told him you love him? Not in the way someone says “I love chocolate” but really calmly and meaning it?

I don’t want to make snap judgements, but if your nick is describing you a bit (“ravegirl”), maybe he doesn’t think you’re serious. Maybe he thinks you’re a free spirit, who enjoys life and is not interested in actually settling even into a relationship.

What you can do, is to make sure you are alone somewhere privately, where there are no distractions and you won’t be interrupted and tell him that you’d like to talk about something. Just don’t’ start with “we need to talk”, ‘coz he’s gonna think you’re about to dump him 😀
Then go ahead and speak whatever is in your heart.
And btw, your heading sounds interesting.. It’s not about life or love.. in many cases it’s about the both if you’re lucky 😉

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