Major crush

Question: I have such a huge crush on a boy N and I have dreams about him and I have a huge crush on him and I think he like me too but suddenly a kid named J asked me out and I didnt know what to do and I guess from there me and J started going out but I dumped him a day later so J runs up to N and says Kayla likes you!! So now I think im ruined with both of them, but N is pretending he didnt hear. Is this a good moment to go up to N and ask him out?? Kayla

Hot Potatoe: Well, what do you have to lose? N seems to know already that you’re into him, so if you were to talk to him and ask him out, it wouldn’t come as a huge surprise to him. What’s the worst that could happen? He says no. Well, then you’d know. Usually guys are pretending “not to hear” or “nonchalant” around their friends, so the only way to know if he’s into you is to ask him out and see what happens. If he says no, then you know he actually isn’t or never were that into you. If he says yes, go out and have fun!

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