Make girlfriend

Question: “how to make a girlfriend? John”

Hot Potatoe: Well maybe we need to start by defining what you mean by the word make.

1. Make as in create from scratch a girlfriend. Meaning building one, from clay, plastic or other stuff. If this is your idea, maybe the easiest way is to just buy an inflatable doll and call it your girlfriend. Making a girlfriend from other materials would be quite demanding, time-consuming and also the preservation of the doll might prove difficult. How would you move a clay girlfriend around??

2. Make as in turn someone from a friend or a stranger into a girlfriend. There you would need to start by telling this person you’re interested and maybe ask her out for a date. See what develops. Maybe she is as interested in you as you are in her – you won’t know that until you ask!
Unfortunately, you can’t make someone your girlfriend if they’re not interested… love cannot be forced, sorry.

3. Make as in get/find a girlfriend. Well, this is of course always the most difficult thing – where to find the significant other? You can find some hints in my answer about finding Mr. Right – most of the things said there apply to finding Mrs. Right as well.
One thing I should stress – something most men don’t seem to get even if it’s told time and time again: most women do NOT appreciate if you approach them drunk. So in case you want to go up to someone interesting in a bar, you should remember that being drunk will diminish your chances hugely.

4. Make as in how to get your girlfriend act like a girlfriend. If this is your problem, you’d need to define first what you expect a girlfriend to be; are the some characteristics that you want a girlfriend to possess, to look a certain way, to behave in a certain manner. Then of course you have to understand you cannot change a person. If you have a girlfriend now that is of a certain character, it’s pretty certain she won’t change. You took her with those manners/habits, deal with it.

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