Need help with this guy

Question: i really like this guy and he told me i was really pretty but i dont think he wants to get to know me like i do. Jessica

Hot Potatoe: Gee.. Since I’m neither psychic nor a telepath, you don’t give much data to work with here 🙂
The only way you can find out if he might like you is to talk to him. You don’t have to confess your undying love to him instantly, but you could just start talking to him casually and see if he’s interested to spend time with you and talk to you. After a while, if he’s still around and seems to enjoy spending time with you, you could casually ask him out and see what happens.
Of course it could be that he’s just given you a compliment about your looks and that’s all, but unless you try to get to know him and give him a chance to learn who you are, you’ll never know..
You can keep guessing and agonizing or do something about it. I suggest you do something about it 🙂

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