Too much of a brother

Question: apparentally im to much of a broter to go out with my best girl freind and im scared to ask her out least i go into a spriling case of what i call”broken heart syndrom”. anonamus

Hot Potatoe: Hmm.. So you have asked her out and she said no since you feel more like a brother to her, or you haven’t yet dared to ask her out?
You may be too much of a brother to her, but so far that is a guess on your part – you don’t actually know that to be true. So why not muster up some courage and ask her out? If it’s too much to do it in person, try asking her by e-mail, FB or text message. Just make sure the message is clear enough for her to understand that you’re actually asking her out on a date and not think you’re just joking or wanting to go out as friends. So a message including something like “how about us two going out on a date to see/watch/meet/eat/whatever” seems a good idea.

There is always the danger that she thinks you’re a great friend to her, nothing more, and that’s a risk you just have to take. At least then you’d know for sure. And there is the small hope that sometimes, not always, but sometimes, friendship between two people can turn into something more..

And yes, if she sees you just as a friend, it’ll brake your heart, but you know what? It’ll heal. Not instantly, and it will hurt, but it will heal.

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