Best friend or fuckbuddy?

Question: My best guy friend likes me alot and hes been trying to get me to have sex with him, i will cause i like him back but just not unless im in a realtionship with him like hes my boyfriend but the thing is he wants us to have sex when i first go to his house. should i tell him no or just go with the flow?” Laura

Hot Potatoe: Well, maybe you should start with the most obvious question: what do YOU want?

Of course he wants to have sex with you, with no strings attached. But you should only concern yourself with what you want. If you want to have “casual” sex (as fuck buddies), so be it. But if you’re only interested in having sex with him if you are in a relationship, then tell him that. Don’t do anything just to please him – why would his needs be more important than yours??

He may tell you he wants to “try out” the sex part before committing to a relationship and you should only accept that reason if you agree. But if you really feel that you don’t want to have sex with a person unless you’re in a relationship, then stick with that principle. You should only do things that you feel comfortable with, from your own point of view. He’s selfish in his need/want to have sex with you, you should be too.

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