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Question: i need a new job, where can i get one? John

Hot Potatoe: Dear John. Damn precise and current problem, for about 10% of the population of almost every country on the globe.
Do you need a new job as in “I have a job now, but I don’t like it and I want a change” or “I don’t have any work/I’m laid off/whatever and I need a NEW job”?

‘Coz those situations can be different: if you’re just changing jobs, you might be in a profession where finding a new job is a piece of cake.

But if you don’t have any work or have been laid off, it is also likely that your educational/professional background is such that it won’t weather this current economical storm. That’d mean some hard choices: taking ANY job, however menial (and which pays ‘nothing’), to get even some money on the table or learning a new trade. And learning a new trade means usually studies, which means no money on the table either. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t..

Many politicians encourage people to start their own enterprises. But a) if you don’t want to or b) have no skills/knowledge what kind of enterprise to set up, that won’t be a solution either.

It seems that many professions are going to die out in this recession. But equally many will flourish, now and in the future, for example professions in health care sector (the Western world will get older and needs more caretakers..).
Job-hunting these days is hard, in some cases impossible: you can send out resumes all over, of course do the obvious (check the newspaper, unemployment agency offers, update your social media profiles) or do targeted marketing of your skills. But if there are no jobs, you won’t get one! Some people make a hard choice and move to find better opportunities. In some cases that may help.. or not..

Unfortunately I can’t create you a job, but the safest, although probably not a possible course of action, would be to re-educate yourself into something that has value for now and for future. Good luck…!

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