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Question: HEy im really really depressed…as im studying architecture..for the last 4 years and i have no been so serious about it and had been taking things too lightly…..4 years passed by and in my 4th year i realised i should have more serious and should have learnt things better…..i get a feeling like i have no what i have been studying till now so i decided on dropping a year and i didnt appear for one of my exams i feel im so left behind in the race of life……Theres so much in life i need to do… I fell like i lacked passion……

But now i have an intense interest in the subject and i feel i am way far too behind…..makes me even more hateful about myself! Now i i dont no where to start from? Help me…..
I see my friend on facebook and realise i have ruined my life…. Miss screwed my life”

Hot Potatoe: Ruined your life? Isn’t that a bit too harsh? Anything can be mended. So instead of wallowing in self-pity, start fixing things!

Now you know what you want, which is more than most people can say – that’s a real advantage you have! Many people keep on looking for “the right thing” in life for a long time, some forever, never finding it. But you know now. You have paid a steep price for it, but at least you know now. Start from there.

Start doing things, I mean practical things. Stop thinking about all the things that you did wrong, since that really won’t help you one bit. Been there, done that, got the lousy t-shirt to prove it.

Now start fixing things: find out what you have missed (and no, I don’t mean emotional stuff that make you feel worse), but practical issues. An exam you have to take, a paper you might need to write? Contact your mentor, or if you don’t have one, find one. Talk to the professors/teachers and find out what you have to do to catch up.

Who cares if you missed out one year, who cares if you’re one year behind, do the things now! And that means DO them now. When you are told what is expected of you, do the things seriously. In the end you will have a degree, that’s what your goal should be. Who cares at which pace you got there?

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