I once got an interesting (although quite short) question about fearlessness. I thought it was very interesting, and thought-provoking and it got me thinking.

It seems for many fear is always such a dominating feeling, hindering so many actions.

I know though, that the standard answer to combat in-actions that are due to fear, “What’s the worst that can happen?”, can be.. well, a scary truth. The worst could be death or serious injury, that’s true.

Healthy fear is one thing. But let’s not try to climb a skyscraper holding onto window panes or tame a wild lion by yourself – those fears and their outcomes are surely something else. images

If we talk about fear that hinders you from living a fulfilled and happy life, that’s a completely different ball game.

For so many people fear is a true obstacle. Fear of rejection, fear of losing face, fear of ridicule.

And sure, those things are real. If you tell someone you love them, they might reject you. You might make a mistake and lie, and lose face. Or you may have an idea or a suggestion that everyone else finds laughable.
But should that stop you? Should you succumb to fear and not do, say or try anything, so that you’ll never get hurt or laughed at?And then what?

You’re safe, but are you happy? Are you accomplishing what you want to? Or are you selling yourself short, just going along? Is that they way to go, a life worth living?

One very large hinder is the fear of being honest to yourself. Who you really are, what you can do, what you really want.
And related to that the question “What’s the worst that could happen” applies. What’s the worst that would happen if you really, truly listened to yourself, your needs and wants, and acted on them?

So what if you get rejected: S/he wasn’t the right one to begin with! Or that job wasn’t really your thing anyway.
So what that you lost face: build it up again. Make reparations if need be, learn from your mistakes, try again.
And so what if they laugh at you? They probably laugh at anything new or different, and that’s their loss. Who care if they find what you say or do ridiculous? It’s your idea, your thing, you’re doing it, not them. Maybe they’re jealous of you and try to pull you down (to their level 😉 ).

If you know yourself, truly know, fear has no hold on you: You know what your worth is, you know what you can do, you know what you want.
So what’s the worst that can happen? You might succeed! You might learn things about yourself and find strengths you didn’t know existed! You may be happy and content.
How horrible!

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7 thoughts on “What’s the worst that could happen?

  1. Lottie

    Thanks for this – it’s great to be reminded how facing our fears can help us to reconnect with our personal value.
    As a firewalk facilitator, I help people to face their fears full on – it’s such a privalege to come alongside people as they take life changing steps to move through the fear to the freedom on the otherside

    1. admin Post author

      It must also be sometimes tiring, since probably not everyone is ready to face themselves. Or I suppose maybe the ones contacting you already are further on that path 🙂

  2. Samantha Pilling

    Great post, (and I love your avatar, really made me giggle!). My biggest fear has always been that someone will find me out… not quite sure what’ll they’ll find me out to be, though! Sx

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Samantha (and I hope it’s okay I edited my name out – I keep this strictly as Hot Potatoe -site 🙂 )

      I used to fear the same thing: that THEY (have no idea who) would at any minute find out SOMETHING. Also have no idea what. That I’m not as clever as I try to be, that I’m a fraud at what I do (even if I’m good at it), that I’m not like them .
      I guess that has been one of the game-changers: when I know who I am and what I can and what I want, it doesn’t matter what others think, and therefore no need to worry about being found out. When I started doing something I like and I’m good at, I didn’t worry anymore. Maybe it’s connected to that: if you”re not 100% comfortable with yourself and in your skin, you’ll always feel unsure and afraid of THEM.

  3. Sarah

    Like this. I am frightened of so much I scare myself! 😉

    There are so many types of fear!

    My fears?

    Moths – I had EFT therapy for this one and stroked a moth as big as a granny’s knickers, but then I got scared a few weeks later again. (needed top up therapy! 😉
    Spiders – they really should stay away.
    Flying – Metal things just shouldn’t be in the sky with lots of people in them!
    Heights – Get wobbly thigh syndrome if I look down
    Dark oceans – creepy things may come up and bite me
    The Dark – Bears and wolves may come and eat me
    Coaches (I get sick on them)
    Losing people I love (sad face)
    What else?

    But I’m not afraid of not knowing how life will pan out. I like the surprises with work etc. That fires me up! So I guess I make up for the rest a little?

    1. admin Post author

      But your fears are for the most part things that won’t hold you back 😎
      I used to be afraid of spiders until I moved to the countryside. I remember one day I was taking a walk with the dogs on a dirt road filled with small stones. Suddenly i noticed movement between the stones: the road was filled with small spiders. I had a choice: run screaming or keep walking. I did the latter and after that i don’t care about spiders anymore. If I see them, I let them be. But then again, we don’t have those giant truck-sized spiders that some countries have. Of those I’m pretty sure I’d still be scared of! They can eat a horse for goodness sake! 😛

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