Well, I probably wouldn’t mind it. With some strings attached of course.

Came across this article about people with lifespans of hundreds of years and started to think: would I want to live long, maybe forever..?
But of course not aging – that can’t happen. who would want to live forever as a crumpled arthritic feeble unable-to-move-package for millennia, never mind an eternity??

No, of course the eternal life would include some body shaping, rechargeable health in case of problems and loads of money. I’d have to be immortal of course, and with that in mind, I suppose my physiology would have to change, evolve. This type of physique isn’t that lasting and is prone to mishaps and injury. And no, I’m not talking about my personal physique (which could certainly use an upgrade), but of the human physique.
I remember reading a scifi short story (?) ages ago where (if I remember correctly) an eternal being was floating in the universe and met another eternal floating being. For a moment they connected and she (I suppose it was a she..) remembered that they had once had human forms and had known each other (maybe been in love). But they had evolved and now they were simply some sort of gaseous or other matter, roaming the universe.
There were feelings for a moment, memories.. and they both continued on their way. It let a bit of a sad feeling in me though, the story.

I think if I plan to live on forever, I can use my current form (upgraded) for quite some time. Enjoy the perks of having a human body.And I need the money. I need to be able to do whatever I want. Like live on an island for a million years if I feel like it.

imagesIt also means I can’t be noticed. No one should notice that I am here, millennia after millennia. Nothing is annoying as curious scientists and mad politicians trying to find my secret to eternal life.
And there wouldn’t be – there would be no secret to uncover – I’d just live forever, but for no particular reason and with no additional help. No DNA to copy and add to other human beings – no, it would be just me.

But would I like it? Forever?
Since forever is a pretty long time.. Of course naturally I’d outlive all my near and dear ones – but after they passed there’d be no one that ‘d notice my eternal existence, so I’d be safe.

What would I do with my eternal life?
Well for starters I think I’d enjoy being a human and see where humanity would be heading the following centuries/millennia. And as soon as we developed the skills to travel on interstellar level, then there’d be no stopping me. I’d travel around and explore the galaxies of course.
At this stage I suppose I’d better evolve into something less corporeal – it’d be easier to move around.

Then I’d travel, from galaxy to galaxy. I guess eternity would be a long enough time to explore all that is out there. Maybe.

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