To start with – I have no idea if these kinds of blogs already exist. Haven’t come across any, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.

The blogosphere is filled with trillion kinds of blogs. Many are about businesses (how to, how not to, do this, do that), even more about are fashion or decorating. Equally many are about self/personal growth/ inner peace. And the multitude of cooking and baking blogs, blogs about babies, motherhood, pets, gardens…index

Something for everyone!

But.. Some types are missing.

The starting point for the blogs I wish existed all are based on writing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We’d get a glimpse behind the scenes and would be able to read how things actually are.

I would love to read a blog about:

  • Someone involved in some political campaign would blog about what really happens in a campaign. A little like Primary Colors did, but this would be following things in real time. We’d hear about mistakes, stupid ideas, illogical policies, backroom deals, sex with her or him or them.. All the weird, funny, stupid, crazy and terrible things that could happen in a campaign.
    The problem with this is of course that if the writer was honest, and blogging in real time, s/he would be identified and found our pretty quickly. And that would be the end of it.
  • A teacher would blog every day about his/her experiences in today’s classroom. Where you have all these spoiled kids doing who-knows-what, feeling entitled and acting out. About the parents who think that “our Maria/Harry/Tina/Tim would never..!” and who would make unrealistic and stupid demands on the teacher.
    This I also assume is more a #firstworldproblem, since I guess that in many cultures the teacher has absolute respect and authority and there’d be nothing interesting to blog about..
  • A nurse in the ER would tell about the people that take up their time and everyone else’s time and space because they have a broken nail, a cold that started this morning, or they “feel funny” (after drinking for a day).
    With this one I foresee though the problem that since being a nurse is exhausting, often very frustrating and ungrateful work, the blog would be too depressing when the resources are scarce, politicians make cuts all the time in the budget and then some guru comes to “develop” the work environment (which ends up meaning less pay, more work and longer hours).
  • Travel guide – they see, hear and have to dealt with everything. A blog telling about unbelievable customers who get themselves into situations and demand to be rescued and flown home (in first class, at someone else’s expense). A blog telling truthfully on a daily basis how stupid tourists are and underlining the fact that some people shouldn’t be let out their homes. Ever.
    This probably has the same dilemma as with campaign blog: the writer could be identified pretty quickly. Since, of course, the people described in the posts (even if of course never named or described in detail), would be very quick to demand justice for slander and such
  • Special Agent (007!) would tell about his/her day: “Today I shot.. a piece of paper across the desk”. We’d learn how (un)exciting (?) the work would be, what plans would be hatched, how someone is tailed, how many copies of a report has to be filed etc.. The day in the life of a spy!
    Yeah, I know, not gonna happen.

I know, all these blogs mean we the readers would like a sneak peek into something juicy, maybe dirty and scandalous. That speaks to the superficial, gossip-hungry side of us. But would it be such a bad thing, this kind of addiction – reading these kinds of blogs..?

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Last Modified: April 9, 2015

2 thoughts on “Wish list for blogs

  1. Sarah Arrow

    Gosh, wouldn’t a blog about what really happens on political campaigns be fascinating? Someone needs to do one…

  2. Victoria

    I bet if you look long and hard enough, I am sure you would actually find blogs on these subjects. Or maybe we have to make do with films and TV shows. 🙂

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